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Hi my name is Aaron, and I know thats confusing to most people since they know me as Bob Atari.

I started streaming way back in 2008 when a friend of mine introduced me to a website called Blogtv. Back then streaming was relatively new, and most were afraid of it due to the unknown. I'm glad it has errupted into what it is today. Into giant platforms vy'ing for the top like Twitch, and Microsofts Mixer.

I guess there really isnt a point to this site other than I want a place on the web to call my own. I build a lot of websites, and stream a lot of games, and I really just want to have fun. I'll be starting some kind of travel blog on here, or at least thats the plan. I'll do my best to relay events, trips, anything really that I can get into.

Thanks for visiting my site, and for checking my "about". I'll eventually add more to this place, but for now, the best way to get to know me is to talk to me.