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Ever have a problem with your streaming stuff?

I'm making this page because I'm coming across an ever growing number of streamers who break something, or dont know how to improve a piece of software. I'd like to help. I've been helping a number of different streamers recently with lots of menial things, like setting up a virtual mixer, getting rid of that pesky 'activate windows' watermark, and setting up NDI sources for OBS. If you think you need help, or just want to know what kinds of things I can offer to help you with stream, like pointing you in the direction of an awesome Graphics Artist, or some really cool Cam Effects for OBS.

If you need some help with IT, or with stream, you can click


for the contact form. Yes I do charge, but I charge based on how hard the project is, and it's never a ton of money. I've charged anywhere from 20 bucks, to 400. Just really depends how much I'm setting up and how much I'm fixing. (the 400 dollar one was a complete reset of the OS system, including downloading a new OS, a reformatt, and reinstall of all original files..)

If YOU have any tips, or anything you wanna teach the community, you can submit stuff


If I've helped you before and you just wanna donate, you can definitely do so HERE.

Thank you for visiting this site, and this page.