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I had my first flight in Jan...

So I was really nervous going on this trip because it was going to be the first time I'd ever been in an airplane. I tried to nap before hand, as my flight was to leave at 1am, but I couldnt do it. So I just did this weird nervous stream first. My buddy arrived to pick me up and I was NO where near ready. So I rushed to get everything together and ready for my trip, we actually ended up arriving 45 minutes AFTER my planned arrival. So everything was working out perfectly.

When I was doing my flight check in I was really happy about having my seat-area all to myself, but AJ had told me sometimes they show up like that, and it changes. So I was even MORE nervous about sitting next to someone random on the flight. Didnt want any random heads on mine. Luckily, I guess, not many people head to Minnesota from Arizona. So I got my row, the row in front of me, and the row behind me empty. The flight was quicker than expected, I guess I hadnt calculated in the time zone difference/change. I spent the first, about 45 mins of the flight checking out the scenary as I had a window seat. Tracing the roads I've known and grown up with, looking at all the buildings I recognize. From there I just watched Ready Player One, and poof, we were landing. WHICH by the way brings it's own anxieties. Thinking about an iced out runway and you landing on one while the plane lurches forward and back is not the best.

I think the worst part about all this was trying to navigate that airport, I'll probably include some crude drawing in here somewhere to display it. I could not figure out how to get out of the gates! Finally I was about to meet with an old friend and good mod, boudechi. Hugs were exchanged, short jokes were made, and he and his fiance lovingly handed me a jacket. Because cold. The plan was then to head to taco bell, because they know me so well, but it was closed. So Cailey made us breakfast. It was lowkey so good that I forgot to take a picture of it. Eggs, cheese, onion, sausage, and hash browns on the side. Phenomenal food. Then it was nap time.

When we woke up, we went out for some food at this place called Catrina's. Of course I was apprehensive about eating the food there, but I must admit, it was very delicious. It was like a more mexican chipotle. Very delicious. When we left there we were trying to decide on where to go next on our adventure, but it ended up getting a little late.

The next day we went to the Mall of America. I had never been in a mall so big that it would have a theme park in the middle! We met up with a friend of mine, and headed to the Aquarium on the bottom floor. These are experiences and sights I will never forget. I am forever greatful for my moderator and great friend Boudechi. Thankful for the opportunity to go to Minneapolis and thankful for landing!!! I will update this page with more information and pictures! So stay tuned!